Official Photo of Emmanuel Macron in Manicured Caste Look

The 19th-century writer Alfred de Musset mused that the black suit was a morbid symbol of mourning for the loss of illusions.

He may have been onto something. The post-crash Sarkozy presidency ushered in a era of austerity with chronic joblessness – the vanishing of hope. Nothing changed with Hollande.

Voilà Emmanuel Macron: a caste-like robotic uniformity of sleekness and symmetry: an all-solid colour-coordinated look of well-cut suits in black and dark blue tones, white and blue shirts.

Ties are matching solids or similar tones, 3” in width or narrower, hanging no lower than the belt buckle. No stripes. No patterns.

L’heure bleu by Emmanuel Macron

This caste-like uniformity in l’habit du pouvoir (the dress of the powerful) among the powerful retinue serving the nation is shaped at a young age at grandes écoles. A male bonding by means of cloth is omnipresent.

This voluntary role playing is boring, a bit like no-calorie frozen yogurt – no real fun unless you load on the juicy condiments. I have been asking around about what fragrance Macron prefers. Guess: Guerlain.

At his inauguration, President Macron wore a blue marine suit, from Jonas & Cie, located on rue d’Aboukir in Paris, a solid white shirt and a narrow solid blue marine tie.   The cost of the suit is a modest $500.