brad_aboutThe writing on this site is a linked passion: a fervid interest in art, photography, and architecture, joined with a trenchant sensibility of living with and among the French. I add to these enthusiasms the seductions of food and wine.

Composed in the first person, with occasional authorial intrusion when subjects serve as a stimulus for memory, the narratives arrive at a point of view, or a heightened sentiment.  In effect, un mémoire in the French sense, not a memoir, or me-moir, in the English one.

This site does not correspond with what the erudite writer Michael Jacobs dubbed the “Good Life Abroad Book,” a subspecies of the travel genre wherein expats, armed with marginal language skills and a slightly condescending tone, fructify fantasies of a Mediterranean lifestyle rarely realized by others.

The title is borrowed from the French writer and poet Blaise Cendrars who reflected: “Ecrire est une vue de l’esprit. C’est un travail ingrat qui mène à la solitude.” (Writing is a view of the mind. It is an ungrateful work that leads to solitude).

I am researching a monograph on the Arlesian photographer Lucien Clergue.